05 July, 2013

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52 project

Cecily - 01/52: 11 weeks. Lounging in front of the Christmas tree. She was annoyed when I picked her up.
            17/52: 27 weeks. Enjoying a Vivian Maier exhibit.
           20/52: 30 weeks. So many times throughout the day, I clutch my heart and say, "OH. I love her                 SO MUCH." She is so beautiful. So sweet. So perfect. So funny. So so so so so lovely.

These are my three favorite portraits of Cecily from the first half of the year. It was hard deciding (week 4 was verrrry close to making it in the top three). Funnily enough, I took all three of these with my iPhone. I initially started out wanting to use my Nikon and improve my manual shooting skills, but if you can take beautiful photos with a camera that fits in your pocket and weighs next to nothing, why not?

Looking over the past 26 weeks through portraits of Cecily just solidifies what I have already learned - nothing makes time go more quickly than having a baby. Cecily has grown and changed so much, and I have too. I have learned so much about myself through becoming her mother. And this is only the beginning.


  1. I can see why you chose these as favourite - gorgeous! The light in the first one is just glorious. I found your blog via Standpipe & Sprinkles, looking forward to reading more :)

    Luana @ www.lapetitelulu.com


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