10 July, 2013

At the library

Last Tuesday morning (the 2nd), Levi and I took Cecily to the Central Library in Huntington Beach. We were trying to make it to toddler story time (even though she doesn't toddle), but we got there late and the story time room was so packed that I swear it was steamy in there.

So we had our own story time! I randomly chose a picture book off one of the shelves. The title was something about Sybil and a blue bunny or a sick day. I don't know. It was a really weird book, but I like weird things and Cecily isn't picky.


^^ pretty sure those boobs up there are trying to take over the world. sorry! ^^

If it's safe, I like to let Cecily sit on the floor when we go places (during response time at the end of church, you can almost always find Silly on the floor). Even though she isn't crawling yet, I like her to feel free to explore her immediate surroundings. I can see Levi and I naturally starting to build the "cadre" for Cecily already. It's interesting to see how our innate parenting styles are coming out as Cecily grows.

Anyway, Cecily really enjoyed sitting on the floor for a bit and pulling books off the shelves. When she's older, I'll teach her how to put them back in order. ;)


After hanging out in the children's section for awhile, we introduced Cecily to the rest of the library while I shared stories and memories from all my times there as a child, adolescent, and teenager. I really love that library. It's so beautiful. I hope they never update it. It's so midcentury and cool! I love all the fountains and water everywhere. It makes me feel peaceful.

^^ these two are so sweet together. ^^


We couldn't check out any books this time because we don't have non-resident library cards yet (I'm sorry, Long Beach, but your libraries are not the best), but I bought some old Martha Stewart Living and Whole Living magazines for a quarter each... did you know that Whole Living is no more?? I'm so sad about this. I loved that magazine.

So that was Silly's first visit to the library! The first of many. Levi and I really want to help her develop a love of books, reading, and storytelling so we will certainly be back!


  1. i love your boob comment! and it looks like a day well spent, as well. c;

  2. go boobs go!

    but seriously, i really love how you are with cecily. how you take her everywhere and make sure she experiences and appreciates simple and wonderful things. I really like that.
    good job parenting, jas. :)

  3. Ugh... I left a comment on Wednesday & just saw it didn't go through :(. Anyways, lol, just wanted to say that introducing books to Birdie is one of my life's biggest dreams. So wonderful to see you doing this with Cecily! Such sweet memories. xo


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