12 July, 2013

Another First :\

Cecily fell off the bed today, about an hour ago. She's fine, but I still feel like I'm going to die. I left her lying on her back (btw, lay vs. lie - so confusing) in the middle, but more towards the right side, of our king size bed, went to the living room to get it set up for her nap, heard a clunk, and ran back there just as she started screaming. I found her lying on face down in a frog-like position with her arms up and my cell phone on the ground at the end of the bed on the left side. ??? She was obviously after my phone (SO mad at myself for leaving it in there since it's the number one Silly-tempter), but I seriously don't know how she got there. She can't sit up on her own or crawl yet (to my knowledge anyway), so I'm guessing that she rolled to my phone, knocked it onto the floor, and then ended up sliding off the bed to the floor while lying on her stomach reaching for the phone. So maybe the fall wasn't that bad. I'm so glad our bed is fairly low and not one of those ones you need a stepladder to get on.

It was terrifying. I scooped her up immediately and held her close as I started checking all her limbs. She calmed down pretty quickly, and then she was just sort of silent and watching me for a couple minutes, which scared the CRAP out of me. I called Levi at work and put him on FaceTime so he could see her, and she started smiling and talking to him. I gently squeezed every part of her body - no problems or negative reactions from her. I got her to track my cell phone just fine. No bumps, red marks, scratches, bleeding, etc. So I guess she's fine even if I'm not!

She's napping now, and I keep psychotically checking her every 12 seconds to make sure she's breathing.

So yeah, that was probably my scariest parenting moment yet. I guess I need to start leaving her on the floor when I have to leave the room for a minute... let the babyproofing begin!


  1. Oh jasmine that is so scary! I'm so glad silly is ok!!

    You're an amazing mama!!! And I can't believe you're baby proofing already! Time goes by too quickly. I can't wait to see you both in a few days.

  2. Yikes!! I had a similar experience I was shaken up all day even though Birdie was fine. Being a mama can be so scary :( So happy to hear that she was fine though! And you're so right about those darn iphones!! She is obsessed!


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