05 July, 2013

Our Summer

I don't like summer anymore.

It's hot and dry. I hate feeling hot and dry. Our neighbors drink a lot during the summer. They can drink all they want... I guess. But they tend to get very loud at very late hours when they drink. I like to sleep. And I go to bed at 9:30. The sun is up for longer, which means more opportunities to get sunburned. I don't like sunburns. Also, slathering a baby in sunscreen is not my favorite pastime. Clothing options are dresses, skirts, or shorts. I only have two dresses that fit me right now, zero skirts fit me right now, and I don't have the money to replace my wardrobe. This means shorts. I don't like wearing shorts.

So yeah. I have many reasons for disliking summer. I'm a cooler weather person. I live for cool, overcast days. I feel filled to the brim with energy on those days. Hot, sunny, sweaty days deplete me.

I swear I'm not a vampire.

Anyway, I don't like dreading an entire season. I don't want to feel totally negative until the temperatures start dropping again. And it's Cecily's first summer! I want it to be good for her. SO I made a list. When in doubt, go with a list. Always.

My list consists of activities for our family to enjoy this summer. Activities to help me make the most (and best) of summertime. Here it is:

our summer

This summer, the Myerses will:

• take Cecily to the beach in Huntington.
• go on a day trip to San Diego/La Jolla.
• go on a day trip to Santa Barbara and maybe take Cecily to the zoo there.
• have weekly picnics at the park by our house (these picnics can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, cupcake, or whatever picnics).
• set up a kiddie pool in the front of our house for Silly to play in for thirty minutes or so.
• take Cecily to the Huntington Beach Central library regularly and read to her every day.
• try out storytime at the library.
• get a non-resident library card in H.B. (I just really really love the Central library in Huntington... it's been my favorite since I was little).
• finger paint.
• make milkshakes.
• make grilled pizza.
• try Handsome Coffee.

Hopefully, I will document these activities on my blog! I know I'll take pictures, but putting them on here and actually writing something is another story entirely...

Okay, summer. I'm ready for you. Be easy on me, and don't overstay your welcome.


  1. I'm right there with you, friend. Summers are hard for me. I have some health problems that have made me put on weight, so none of my clothes fit right now either, and I totally hate being hot/having to cover myself in sunscreen all day. Next summer should be easier for you. I found that having a toddler/small child was much easier in the summer than having a baby, and MUCH MUCH easier than the 11-year-old I have now. Little kiddos are easily entertained, so you can make an adventure of just going to the library or Target.

    1. Yeah, babies in the summertime are hard! She hates being hot, and she has so much stuff! We took her to the beach today (she hated it - ha!), and we had so much crap to lug across the sand! It's worth it though because most of the time she loves our adventures. :)

  2. Ooo if you go to La Jolla, post about it here! I've always wanted to go, but this east-coaster has never really been to CA (minus that one time I was in Sacramento for less than a day).

    1. I will! It just might take me a really long time. Haha! La Jolla is beautiful. I love it down there. I really hope we make it down there this summer. :) And I hope you're able to make it out to california soon!

  3. Dang, that list just looks beautiful!


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