05 July, 2013

Eight Months

8 months

Cecily turned eight months on Thursday, 20 June.

At eight months, Cecily:

• waves hello.

• is always scratching at her diaper or pulling at the tabs. So grateful for diaper covers.

• is such an adventurous eater! She loves artichokes dipped in balsamic vinegar and tomatillo soup. She also really likes peach yogurt. And she may have had a taste of Momma's soft serve ice cream and LOVED it.

• still loves music. Her favorite song is still "I'll Fly Away" by Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch.

• has to stop in the middle of nursing to sit up for no apparent reason.

• thinks laying down is lame and likes to nurse sitting up.

• loves to hold things she's eating, and if you try to take them away, she will scream bloody murder.

• frequently needs to hold my face to fall asleep at night. And when she stirs, she searches for me in the dark. As soon as she finds my hands or face, she settles and falls back asleep.

• whines frequently but only to Momma. I'm the complaint department.

• loves getting her thumb stuck in the nipple of her didi.

• claws at my face while trying to fall asleep.

• rolls around A LOT in the falling asleep process. She would just keep rolling and rolling in the same direction and fall off the bed if I didn't stop her. She also likes to get on her stomach, forcefully slam her head against my brow bone, and fall asleep while resting her head on my face. Super cozy.

• dances when I sing "dance, dance! Cecily will dance!" or "wiggle wiggle wiggle. wiggle wiggle wiggle."

• waves bye bye.

• is starting to say hi.

• coughs for fun.

• babbles A LOT. Her babbles are starting to sound more like words.

• has officially outgrown her infant car seat and is now in her awesome convertible car seat. It's like a throne!

• loves being doted on and talked to.

• hates being ignored and hates when I leave the room. HATES it.

• begs for food while we're eating.

New nicknames:

• toot-toot


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