19 July, 2013

Crossing the Border

Last Wednesday, Cecily and I had the car for the day so we picked Levi up from work a little after 7:00 with plans to go to the mall for dinner. It was drizzly and cool, and we were all in good moods so we spontaneously decided to head to Border Grill in Santa Monica instead!

^^ silly & daddy paying the meter ^^


silly silly
^^ dressing silly up as mother mary... or something? ^^

We ate a zillion chips with the best salsa then shared a chicken quesadilla and a sweet corn tamale. That chicken quesadilla was something else. Best flour tortilla I've had in my life. If you ever get the chance to go to Border Grill... go! It's delicious.

family photo
^^ our attempt at a family photo in a dark restaurant with a baby ^^

After dinner, it was lightly sprinkling and we felt like a little walk, so we headed over to the promenade. Everything was starting to close, but I really wanted dessert so we found a little crêpe café. I got a cinnamon-sugar crêpe (my favorite), and it was perfect.


Then we headed home! It was such a fun impromptu weeknight outing! Totally necessary in the summertime.

I love my little family of three. :)

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  1. I love fountains too. and crepes! that's the one type of food not to be found in the town i live in....


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