26 April, 2013

My Little Weirdo

Cecily rolled over on Sunday! From front to back. She's been rolling over from her tummy for a little while now. Of course, I missed the big roll, and she wouldn't repeat her performance for me until a couple days later. She's been swaddled for bedtime since birth, but I've been terrified of her rolling over in her swaddle since birth too so the swaddle had to go!

We put her to bed with one arm free that night. She played in her crib for about 40 minutes then fell asleep! She kept getting herself into the weirdest position, and I finally got a picture of it yesterday.

Cecily's preferred sleeping position:


I pull her face out of the bars all the time, but she always gets herself back over to them. She is so weird. I love it. She has loved this position since the womb. Remember when we picked out our Christmas tree and the lady at the lot picked her head up for me??

Cecily is a dancer. I just know it.


  1. Very cute :) Dex does circles in his crib (little by little) all night long.


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