29 April, 2013

A Perfect Moment

I love the late afternoon/early evening sunlight that pours through the windows in our living room, but I don't always take the time to enjoy it. One day last week, we were all home during the sunshine hour, and I really needed a break (after a 15-month hiatus, my monthly friend came back. that bitch ;).

I opened up the blinds, sat down in my rocking chair, and took my break. I flipped through a magazine while listening to a podcast. Cecily played in her jumperoo. And Levi made himself some coffee. It was such a perfect little chunk of time. So peaceful, happy, and rejuvenating.

a 2

a 1

a 3

I nursed Cecily. Levi and I had an early dinner. And then we all went for a family walk. 

a 4
^^ I love the way she holds her feet while she nurses. Sweetest thing. ^^

Perfect way to ease into the evening.


  1. THAT BITCH (your monthly friend, I mean).

    Love this post. Your little life sounds soooooooo good.


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