22 April, 2013

There's always money in the banana stand!

Thursday was Levi's last day at his second job for the week, and he didn't work at the salon in the afternoon so we decided to head down to Balboa to enjoy the pretty day, grab some frozen bananas, and introduce Cecily to the ocean (from a distance). We hadn't been down there in awhile, but I saw this old blog post the other day, and it got me in the mood to go.

First stop: frozen bananas. Obviously.

frozen banans
(btw, only about a month to go until season four hits Netflix!!!! FINALLY.)






Cecily saw the ocean for the first time:




She thought the waves were pretty cool.

photo 1_2



Taking family photos by ourselves is hard. Especially when Cecily only wants to look at Daddy. She's pretty crazy about that guy.



photo 2_2

We spent the rest of the day grocery shopping and made chicken curry when we got home. It was delicious. Cecily woke from a nap while we were catching up on some New Girl and Modern Family so she joined us on the couch before going to bed. Again. So hard to take photos of the three of us. That's Levi's lap on the left side.


I'd say it was a pretty good day!


  1. It looks like a fun day and the weather looks amaaazing!

  2. i know how hard it is getting family shots. we never seem to get the tree of us in one shot--maybe we will eventually :)

  3. What a delightful day for a delightful little family.

  4. I had a frozen banana last night. SO good! And your little lady is adorbs!

  5. I've been weeks behind on my blog readin' so I just wanted to say, damn, you're looking great! So are the bananas haha

  6. Where did you get Cecily's sunglasses? I love them! And how in the world do you get her to keep them on?? My daughter rips anything you put on her face/head within seconds.

    1. They're by Teeny Tiny Optics, but it doesn't look like they really update their website. I got them at a kids store in Venice Beach. I just googled them though and found them here - http://zibalee.com/products/teeny-tiny-optics-jett-sunglasses. The markup is a little high, but they're great glasses! Cecily has really sensitive eyes outside (so do I), so I kind of feel like she was grateful when I put sunglasses on her for the first time. Haha! She rarely takes them off... in fact, she's gotten mad and cried a few times when I've taken them off. Such a weirdo! Maybe she'll start ripping them off when she's older. These sunglasses are really really flexible and bendy so the couple times she has taken them off haven't been a problem at all. You could also check the children's place online. They've had baby aviators before.


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