12 April, 2013

Five Months

five months 1

five months 2

Cecily turned five months old almost a month ago! Haha! March was pretty crazy for us, so everything has been taking us longer lately. These photos are from last week when she was about 5.5 months old, but all her stats are from five months (I write things down in my phone to remember for later). Some of these things are no longer true (like the rolling over and sleep stuff), but I'm going to include them anyway because they were true at the time.

We never actually got around to "celebrating" Cecily's five-month birthday, but we went to Disneyland recently so we'll count that as her celebration. ;) The day she turned five months old, we actually had lunch with Stacey and Franklin!

Silly and Franks got to meet the Easter bunny for the first time. Silly enjoyed it... Frankie wasn't a fan. ;)

easter bunny

This past month was a tough one. You know that thing called the four-month sleep regression or 19-week sleep regression? Yeah, it's real. Very very real. Cecily went from consistently sleeping nine hours a night to waking up every 3-4 hours right around 22 weeks (if a baby is early or late, it usually hits around the time they would have been 19 weeks if they had come on time). It was pretty shocking. And really REALLY difficult. Last month, when I wrote about Cecily at four months, I thought we had already gotten there because she started only sleeping 6-8 hours. HA! I wish. It's hard to go from having a perfect, wonderful sleeper to having a baby who wakes up all. the. time. It makes you feel like you're doing something wrong and like it's never going to end. This was the first time I experienced real sleep deprivation on a regular basis. I'm not good without sleep.

Despite the lack of sleep, Cecily has still been so much fun. Smiling is her default. She loves to talk. She's seriously the happiest person I know. I adore here.

At five months, Cecily:

• loves sucking her thumb through her blanket. It's really noisy!

• smiles when she sneezes.

• doesn't seem interested in ever rolling over.

• gets really hyper sometimes.

• has gotten upset a couple times when toys have been taken away from her (or things she thinks of as toys, like small boxes). The first time this happened was really funny to me. We were at a children's shop on Abbot Kinney, and I took away a squeaker toy that she was about to put in her mouth. She got really mad!! And later when I brought it out to show her again, she laughed. Oh, this girl.

• makes a horrible gasping/wheezing sound for fun.

• wants to grab EVERYTHING (and, subsequently, put it in her mouth).

• laughs when she's tickled (also when I do weird dances for her and other random things).

• seems to like her didi more than she used to. She still wants to suck her thumb all the time, but it doesn't really seem to soothe her yet. She might be able to soothe herself with it once she's no longer swaddled at night.

• has become a really great shopping buddy. She's usually pretty content to stroll around the mall with me and even lets me try clothes on her... as long as I don't test her patience with too many things to try. She's usually good with two or three outfits.

• got her first pair of sunglasses and is very happy to wear them! She's got sensitive eyes like her Momma.

• is still wearing 0-3 month clothes (they fit her best), but we're starting to put her in some 3-6 month clothes (still a little big on her). She's also still wearing size 2 diapers.

• loves holding her feet.

• is fascinated by water bottles and glasses of water. This is really fun when I'm feeding her and trying to have a drink of water. ;)

• has eyes that look just like Crayola's blue violet crayon.

New nicknames:

• sweet sweet girl


  1. I just love these posts! She's probably doing some major growing and needs food more often! She's so cute and you guys seem like you are doing a great job.

  2. such a pretty girl and pretty mama


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