17 April, 2013

Second Jobs and Stuff


Levi started a second job on Monday. He works from 6:00-11:00 in the morning Monday-Thursday now in addition to three days a week at the salon. This job is a major blessing to our family. The hours are pretty much the only hours that he's available, and it just kind of fits right into our life.

It is a change though, and it's requiring some adjustment. We're working on getting to bed earlier so that Levi gets more than four hours of sleep a night! It's tough for us. He doesn't usually come home from the salon until 7:30/8:00 so it's hard to eat dinner, unwind, clean up, put Cecily to bed, and spend some time together in such a short span of time. I've been going to bed after everyone else this week so that I can have a little (desperately needed) alone time. I get time to myself during the day while Cecily naps, but since her naps are only like 30-45 minutes long, I never feel like I get a real break. Once she's in bed at night, I finally feel like I can count on some uninterrupted time. But I don't like being the last one to get into bed when everyone else is sleeping. It makes me feel lonely for some reason.

I should probably just go to bed earlier and switch my alone time to the morning. I'm more productive when I'm up in the morning. Blah. It's so hard for me to make myself do things!! I get really frustrated with myself. My best days happen when I outline my day the night before and begin the day by reading my Bible and praying that God will give me the grace to actually get things done. I'm so weird - I need routine and a schedule, but at the same time, I hate routines and schedules. I love being awake in the morning and typically have a lot of energy once I'm up, but I'm also a total night owl. My entire personality is pretty much a contradiction. Best of both worlds maybe? I'm working on it, and I'm improving. Slowly, but surely.

Anyway! Even though I'm still feeling pretty thrown off, Levi's new job is a really good thing! It'll help us get caught up financially so that we can feel a little more stable. Levi and I have never been very good with financial planning, but we're trying so hard now. It's difficult when our income is so irregular and unpredictable, but it is possible. We've started having little planning meetings on Tuesdays to review our deposits, bills, etc. We're also starting to plan our dinners for the week ahead of time. This one is soooo important for us. We spend a ridiculous amount of money on groceries. And we're creating goals and planning ways to save for specific things. Yesterday, I counted all the change we had lying around the house and put it away to start saving for the downpayment on the Disneyland annual passes we plan on getting once we take care of a couple debts! We're really excited to get them, and I know we'll feel really proud of ourselves for saving the money over time instead of just waiting for Levi to have a really good day at the salon. But if you'd like to help us get there sooner and you happen to need a headband for your baby or a really awesome original drawing for your house, head on over to Ménagerie. Or book a hair appointment with Levi (562.436.4255). Hint hint. ;) ;) How's that for a totally superfluous, shameless plug for the shop and salon??

I'm so grateful that I have a husband who's willing to take a second job (and wake up super early in the morning) in order to provide for his family. I'm also really grateful that it's important to him that I stay home with Cecily. I always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom, and it makes feel really good that it's a priority to Levi too. I'm a lucky woman!


  1. Too bad you are in CA and I'm in NY. I totally need a haircut right now. I've been letting it grow so it's at that awful in between stage. Best of luck with the new financial stuff. I was just offered a new job myself this week, so understand your happiness completely!

  2. Living on one income is hard. I've been working and supporting my husband the last year since his accounting program was too rigorous for him to work. We used to spend ridiculous amounts on groceries too, but I've been trying really hard lately and only buy things I know I'm going to use so food doesn't go bad before I get around to it.

  3. Congrats on Levi getting a second job. He's a really good husband (and great man). I know that the adjusting will be a bit difficult at first but you and your fam are going to fly through. You two are so wonderful and yes, food is so expensive for more than one person. I can totally sympathize with you. Wishing you and your family a lot of grace and joy.


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