10 September, 2009

just say no.

i've been craving shrimp a lot lately so we went to long john silver's for lunch the other day.

please don't ever let me go there again.

no shrimp craving is strong enough.


  1. ewwwww jasmine, no!

    but i understand. i was craving mozzarella sticks once and decided it would be a good idea to get them at arbys. no. just... no.

  2. heheh...I have never been there....and it sounds like that is a good thing. You two are too dang cute! xoxo

  3. Lol. I relate. :)

    Such a cute blog!

  4. lol

    I've never tried it before, but won't now!!

  5. Oh I know it made me sick the one and only time I went there, I think its that they fried things, they even give you just fried Pieces.

    Save up and go to Red Lobster, its Spending but you get enough food that you could always share, and you get cheddar biscuits YUM!

  6. haha! i too crave long john silvers.
    I grew up right near one and now there isn't one for miles!
    Something about those little fried crunchy things in the basket of chicken and fish! yum!
    it is one greasy restaurant though.

  7. Fair enough. That's why you have to run those plans by us first; I'd have told you to steer WAAAAAAAAAY clear of that!

  8. It was no bueno? I've never been there. eek.

  9. We have one close by that is a combo restaurant with Taco Bell. It just isn't right.

  10. i think i know what you mean here! you're hilarious :)

    and sometimes fast food...isn't as great as we remembered when we were little.

  11. Oh no. I think I'm allergic to shrimp and haven't had shrimp since I was a junior in high school.

    I feel your pain, little buddy.

  12. I have never been there...and now I will never! Bad seafood = no bueno!

  13. i always wondered about long john silver's. i've never been there, but always had a bad feeling about it.
    so now i know for sure. :)
    sorry you had to endure it though.

  14. Oh my gosh, you are so adorable in this picture! And I agree with you. Long John Silvers is yucky!


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