04 September, 2009

giveaway winners announced!

as it turns out, sarah was feeling generous so we have not one, but two lucky winners for the magnolia family vintage giveaway.

this is how we did it:

sarah selected one winner randomly out of a hat,

and i selected the second winner randomly using random.org's number generator.

we decided that if both winners chose the same item, sarah's winner would get it, and mine would have to choose something else.

deal? deal!

okay, so without further ado, the winners!

we have the lovely adele from poptart
and the lovely kathleen from jeremy and kathleen.

congratulations, girls! i'm sure you will both make terrific use of whatever items you choose. please email me your selections and your mailing addresses.

thank you everyone for entering.

if you saw something you loved or needed over at magnolia family vintage, please be sure to bid on it. these are one of a kind vintage items, so bid now or forever hold your peace.


  1. Congrats to Adele and Kathleen!

  2. Congrats Adele and Kathleen! :)

  3. haha

    I totally picked my winner the "vintage" way!

  4. I have to ask. I saw clothes on her site, but none of that fun fancy jewelery! Where do I find that?!

  5. Congrats Adele and Kathleen! You better be happy! Cause I'm just down right pissed that I didn't win!


  6. NUH UH! I NEVER win giveaways! I'm so excited!!!

  7. jealous!!!!
    also, sarah! if neither of them choose the bag i neeeed! how much how much! put it up for auction puuuuhleeeeaz!


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