02 August, 2011

Lackluster Food

Okay. I took a break from the Portland posts, but I still have a few more left. I could just skip it, but I LOVE looking back through my blog and reliving all of our adventures. So, I'm going to power through the Portland posts and finish them up today.

Starting now!

My main objective when we went to Portland was to try as much food as possible... that kind of seems to be my main objective in life actually...

I'd like to say that we had the best food EVER while we were there... but we didn't. Boooo! Our hopes were really high for some stellar cuisine, and most of it just didn't live up to our expectations. It was really pretty though so I'll share some of our food pictures!


(rhubarb upside down cake at Ken's Artisan Bakery)



(cioppino at Lucy's Table... this was our most awkward dining experience. We were the ONLY diners in the restaurant, and I swear our waitress spent the entire time coming onto Levi. Awkward!!!)


(mini cupcakes at Cupcake Jones - cranberry white chocolate vanilla, pumpkin pie, and gingerbread... the gingerbread was the best.)



(margherita and arugula pizza at Ken's Artisan Pizza. This place was pretty good, but Bottega Louie is sooooo much better that it was difficult to be impressed. They did, however, have one of the best desserts I've ever had. In my life.)

(rhubarb crisp with strawberry gelato at Ken's Artisan Pizza. Oh my gosh, so good. Can you believe I had NEVER had rhubarb before this???! I've been missing out for so long. It's perfect! I love the tartness. Mmmm. I want another right now.)

So that was our lackluster food tour of Portland. Next time we go, I'm sure we'll find some better food... or we'll just eat at La Provence every day...

P.S. I had ice cream at Ruby Jewel Scoop Shop that was really good too! We REALLY need a gourmet ice cream parlor in Long Beach. If you ever visit Portland and you like ice cream, make sure to look them up! You can also buy their ice cream sandwiches at stores across the country. I think a store in Long Beach even carries them! I need to look it up...


  1. No rhubarb before!? Strawberry rhubarb is one of my favorite types of pie!

  2. Next time check out Saint Cupcake instead of Cupcake Jones. It is so much better, I promise.

    So sorry your dining experience wasn't great. Next time you should ask readers for recommendations. I have a ton because I too, like you, am obsessed with food and go out any chance I get to try new places.

  3. @Bree - Crazy, right??! I'm so behind! I can't believe I had never tried it before. Now I love it. I've been on the hunt for the best rhubarb pie ever since I tried it... I even want to try making my own, but I'm a little scared of dealing with the whole poison leaves and roots thing...

  4. So I don't know if it is too soon to give you suggestions for next trip, but I feel like you were robbed out of some delicious food, because Portland has some amazing food! My top two places to recommend to you are actually on the same street, on Hawthorne: Porque no? and The Whole Bowl. To round out the top three, Le Montage which is supposed to be "cajun" food, but let me tell you coming from NOLA it is not quite up to par, but the macaroni is delicious, the atmosphere is so Portland, and they have fun appetizers and cocktails.
    Hopefully you can make it next time because they are a delicious.

  5. @Alyson - Nope, not too soon!! Thank you for the recommendations! They sound really good. I'm going to look them up and bookmark for our our next trip!

  6. Mmmm, that Rhubarb crisp looks amazing. There is a wild variety of rhubarb that grows around these parts. It's naturally very sour and as a kid we loved to break off a stalk and dip it in raw sugar. Haha poor people treats.

  7. I was just in Portland had the most amazing gorgonzola fries at Henry's Tavern! Try them!

  8. How have you never had rhubarb before? Ack! You've totally been missing out!

    There's an awesome food truck out there called Chaat House that has the best Indian food I've had in the United States. And there's a grocery store called New Seasons (kind of like a regional Whole Foods) that my husband and I became obsessed with when we were out there.

  9. I am on a commenting frenzy! my mom and I went to Portland last summer and didn't have any good food either! We were so excited to eat so many good meals but not 1 single meal stood out to us. We then went to Seattle this summer and had the same problem again!


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