02 August, 2011


One of the very best things about Portland was the water. It was delicious! Straight out of the tap!! This is such a novelty to me. In Southern California, the tap water isn't very good. Where I grew up in Huntington Beach (a block away from the beach), you really didn't want to drink the tap water. It tasted funky... and it always had sand in it. I'm not joking.

I really appreciate good water when I travel, and I try to drink as much of it as possible.

In Portland, they have drinking fountains all over that just flow non-stop!! Lovely, refreshing, clear, cool, FREE water for the taking!


It really is all about the little things in life... I wonder if airport security would let me get through the gates with a barrel of water in my suitcase...


  1. ummm, don't cry, but we regularly see bums bathing/splashing their filthy bodies with those fountains.

  2. I live in PDX and must say we have the best tap water ever! I never buy bottled water because straight out of the sink tastes just as good.

    The drinking fountains you are talking about are called Benson Bubblers. Here is a bit of history about them:

    Communikate is right - bums regular use these to bathe and most locals won't touch them. However, it looks like you lived so no harm done!

  3. When i was in Portland, when I was about 11 years old... I was super impressed by the drinking fountains too! It's just awesome! Lake Tahoe has my favorite water. It's so cold and fresh out of the tap!

  4. I was going to say how awesome this was until I saw the first comment. :(

  5. I'd still drink out of them again! It's not like the bums are sticking their tongues or body parts INTO the spouts and pipes. It's still clean! It's actually cleaner than using the faucet in your bathroom to wash your face or brush your teeth. When toilets are flushed, contaminated water droplets sprays ALL over the bathroom (6-8 feet up and out), spreading bacteria all over the place. We live in a germ-filled world. Drinking from a fountain that a bum washed his face in isn't gonna hurt you.

  6. wow thanks for the tidbit in your last comment I didn't know!!

    I grew up in Portland and Oregon and we do have the best water to drink. My aunt from California used to love Oregon water.

    Now I live in L.A. and I only drink the water from the tap if it has a filter.


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