25 June, 2010

how does friday come so quickly?

highlights & things that happened this week...give or take a couple days:

1. giada, herself, responded to me on twitter!!!! i was so beyond excited. I LOVE HER.

2. my friend, kathleen, sent me the shirt i wanted for my birthday in the mail! you can see it here. it's so cute & soft!

3. i had lots of fun coffee dates with my little sister...one of which included multiple people coming up to us & telling us how much we look alike. we're always getting double takes...like people are trying to figure out if we're twin sisters with a really noticeable height difference or something.

4. i really enjoyed running through california adventure with my fiancé, trying to catch each other...basically taking advantage of our last couple years of being stroller-free before we have babies.

5. finished the fourth percy jackson book. in the bath tub. with a snack.

6. i added another embarrassing moment to my list of mortifying memories - dancing around south coast plaza and then FALLING like a total geek in front of all the people walking by. it hurt my pride and my knee.

7. i covered 3/4 of my full length mirror with a towel so that i couldn't critically examine my body every 3 seconds. it's helping.

8. the bachelorette.

9. peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

10. found some new, fun people to follow on twitter...i'm so bad at finding new people to follow on there! i might need some recommendations...

11. and a few other things that i hope to share next week!

my blog plan for next week is to share some of the details of our wedding. really cool things are starting to happen! i hope you all have lovely weekends!


  1. giada is a total goddess. i think i might have died if i were you. :)

    looks like you had a fantastic week, miss! :)

  2. Gotta love relaxation in the tub:)

  3. oh my goodness how exciting! What was it that Giada responded to? Wedding planning is so much fun! I'm excited to finish up with our cleaning of the basement so we can get back to planning!
    The Percy Jackson series is great! I am just sad that it's already over :(

  4. I love both those pictures. I'm glad you had a great week! Love you!

  5. sounds like a pretty awesome week!

  6. First of all- I have to say that you guys always have the most adorable pictures! You're going to love looking back on those someday.

    And also- I'm on the fourth Percy Jackson book right now. Such a fun series, but my heart still belongs to Harry Potter!

  7. I'm so excited to hear about your wedding plans!! I wish I had a bathtub to read books in... you seem to do it a lot and i'm super jealous!!

  8. follow me! @brittanclaire

    i love that you're doing so great these days and love the pictures!

  9. I hope your knee and your pride are ok! Dancing in public places is worth it :)

  10. Please share wedding idea's! We're planning on a budget, and it's making me just want to elope!

  11. Love the tshirt Jasmine! seriously awwwesome.

    cant wait to hear of your wedding wonders.

  12. I love these pictures of you guys, so cute! I can't wait to hear more about the wedding!


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