16 June, 2010


tomorrow, i turn 28.

levi has some fun things planned for me between tomorrow and monday; some are surprises, some are not. i'm excited!!

i feel a little unprepared for this birthday. usually, i start a countdown about a month in advance. this year, i don't even have a wish list!

so let's remedy that with a birthday wish list (some items are imaginary):

1. stacey's amazing handbag (you could throw in those shoes too).

2. olivia's magical trip to europe.

3. maybe some of her caramel brownies with sea salt too.

3. this shirt

4. a mysterious deposit of $3,000-5,000 to magically appear in our bank account for our wedding

5. everything on our honeymoon registry.

6. lots of happy hippos, licorice laces, & dark salted caramels.

7. both of these anthro skirts (especially the first one) that i kick myself for not buying when i worked there. i haven't been able to find them on ebay. so sad.

8. oh, and world peace.


  1. happy happy birthday!! i hope it's just awesome!!

  2. What the hell is that hippo thing????

  3. Hapy birthday!!! What a fabulous way to make a wedding registry!!!!

  4. nice of you to throw in that world peace! lol

  5. Happy birthday, 28 is great!!

  6. JOYEUX ANNIVESAIRE à toi, Jasmine...

    I hope it's a very beautiful day for you!! Enjoy your special day!!

    Hugs from France,

  7. happyyyyy birthday! great list.

  8. haha love No.8! Happy happy birthday for tomorrow! xx

  9. awwww jasmine i hope you have the most incredible birthday!! and also that all your birthday wishes come true! i know levi will make it special. xoxox

  10. Happy Birthday!! I hope you get a least one thing on your wishlist!! Hope you have an amazing day!!


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