23 June, 2010

he's so great

ah, i'm back from the birthday abyss!

this was a pretty mellow birthday for me. levi had to work, and we don't really have any money, but i had a really great day! levi was very efficient with the time we did have together and filled it with my favorite foods & lots of fun, thoughtful surprises.

we started the morning with my favorite pastries - orange danishes.

the thing about these pastries is that they're really hard to get. he had to special order them for me a few days in advance and then drive about 40 minutes to pick them up. ugh, he's so sweet. and the danishes were incredible.

the "ribbon" on my presents was wire.

i had lunch with a friend while levi got ready for work at home. i called to ask him if he would mind if i bought some peonies for the house (this is how broke we are right now - haha!), and he said that it probably wouldn't be a good idea. no problem. i didn't mind. turns out, levi was driving away from the flower shop when i called with peonies for me! he put them all around the house for me to find later.

i spent the day relaxing on my own, reading, walking; it was really nice. when levi got home, we had coffee together and picked up some of my favorite treats down on 2nd street - including my current favorite - happy hippos! i love those things. (happy hippos are imported from europe - germany or italy, i think. they're hippo-shaped biscuits filled with milk & hazelnut cream.)

my present to levi was letting him watch the nba finals without making a peep...i kinda wanted to watch too. after the game, we made dinner together - delicious burgers with bleu cheese butter & watercress and terra blue potato chips. we served it on the fancy dishes.

on monday, levi took me to disneyland. one of his clients was able to sign us in for free. and that's a post for another day 'cause this one is getting kinda long!

thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! it was a great day (week, month, etc.)!


  1. man I love to get a free trip into Disneyland! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday!

  2. sounds like the perfect day full of wonderful little surprises!

    so glad to hear you had such a special day!

  3. awwww how fun!!!! Those burgers sound delish!!! And now I want a hapy hippo! We are broke too, but I think this is a time we'll always look back on and love all the special little things we did to make things happy and exciting :)

  4. what were your wire-wrapped presents?! also, happy belated birthday!


  5. awww what a sweet birthday!! I'm so glad you had such a great birthday. There's really nothing like it. I think birthday's are sort of a lost treasure in the world. My parent's say after 31 birthdays don't really count. I seriously disagree- let's have cake and wine every year until we're 104!!!

    Happy birthday Jasmine!!

    love, rudi

  6. Oh, and by the way, Happy Hippos are from Germany. They're my favorite too :)

    love, rudi

  7. you skinny winny! I love the mini instax pictures. and also love the gifts with the wire 'ribbon'- loved that a whole lot :)


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