05 January, 2012

San Francisco: Day One

Before Christmas, Levi and I went to San Francisco for Camilla and Damir's wedding.

We woke up early Saturday morning for our flight, and a couple hours later, we checked into the Fairmont Hotel! The Fairmont is such an impressive sight. It's located at the top of Nob Hill and has incredible views. Being on top of Nob Hill also means that it's quite the hike to get there. We took about 20,000 4-minute taxi rides on Saturday... lots of running around.

Guess who we ran into while checking in. If you guessed Camilla, gold star for you! I thought the next time I saw her would be as a married woman, so it was fun seeing her before the wedding while she was still technically single.

Our room at the Fairmont was incredible - big, gorgeous window, huge bathroom, even huger walk-in closet. It was such a treat to stay there.

We spent the day running between Union Square and Nob Hill. It was very hectic. And when I say running, I mean it. We literally ran up Nob Hill... I don't recommend this. Stupid SF taxis... nowhere to be found... EVER.

Finally, the evening arrived. We were all dressed up and ready to go. We had an early dinner at Scala's Bistro (where we ate on our honeymoon every single day) before heading up to the Fairmont's penthouse suite for the wedding reception.


This place is unreal. I never got over how incredible this place was while we were there. There really isn't anything I can say to explain it, which is really saying something because I'm never at a loss for words. You can look at a few photos of the "suite" (it's like a house) here. You know how some hotel rooms/suites look way better in photos than in real life... not so with this place. This place was about a kajillion times better. We took a few photos of the view and the rooms, but they're pretty much crap compared to the real thing, so we'll all just have to wait 'til Camilla gets her wedding photos back! For now, here are some pictures of me, Levi, the bride, and a few other guests (I really wish I had taken more photos. oh well):


(upstairs in the library)

(peeking into one of the secret passageways hidden behind a wall of books)

(We met Ashlee and her husband, Brett. Here they are smiling down at us from the library. Check out all the constellations on the domed ceiling!)

(me and Jenny May's husband, Jonas... don't we look like brother and sister??! I couldn't get over how related we look. I must be Swedish.)

And finally, me and the gorgeous bride, Camillaleila:


I LOVE that photo on the right. It needs a frame.

Camilla said it was her dream wedding. It makes me sooooo happy that she had such a wonderful time and that the wedding was exactly how she imagined, better than she imagined! Levi and I were so honored that we could celebrate with those two. It was incredible.

More posts from our SF trip to come!


  1. Your hair is so stinkin' cute!

  2. AHHH so cute! Such a fun night, and so fun to finally meet you in person!

  3. i have ALWAYS wanted to stay there. you look amazing and my goodness that suite is something else!!

  4. your photobomber in the picture with Jonas is pretty awesome, too.

  5. I'm obsessed with your dress and you look amazing with your hair like that! So happy you had a great time, dear :)

  6. hello hottie! love that dress and hair!

  7. That place looks amazing!! I can't wait to see more, I've been obsessed with San Francisco since high school! Love the pic of you & your hubby, so cute!

  8. I loved your dress, you & Levi looked great! And the bride was stunning, her dress was so unique. I'm glad you had fun :-)


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