11 January, 2012

The Day After Christmas

Ever since we got home from San Francisco, Levi and I have been trying to recreate the feeling of being on vacation with little day trips, so on the day after Christmas, we headed to Pasadena... for coffee. Yes, we drove all the way to Pasadena for coffee. We're devoted. It turned out to be the perfect day to go - absolutely NO traffic. Empty LA freeways are glorious.

I love the drive to Pasadena. The 110 freeway is so old and cool. When we got off the freeway, we drove past all the Rose Parade bleachers on the way to Intelligentsia, where we had some delicious coffee.




After coffee, we walked around and looked in shop windows. I was sad that 'lette was closed for the day...


The day was mostly spent wandering around: grocery stores (Gelson's is the best), sidewalks, little shopping centers.

IMG_0435 copy



We capped off the evening with dinner at Bottega Louie.




Perfect day.


  1. I love Pasadena. It kind of reminded me of Zurich the first time I went there.

    Great pictures as always.

  2. :) such great spots.. it's my dream to live in south pasadena one day!

  3. I LOVE that you do little things like this to make it feel like you're on vacation. Such a great idea - Need to do that with my hubby more often. Because obviously, who doesn't love being on vacation!

  4. Pasadena is me and my hubby's hometown, and we miss it so much. I absolutely love driving the 45 minutes there to hang out, shop, have dinner, etc...such a great post!

  5. I like that cute shoe picture :)

  6. Love all your fun pictures and you have beautiful eyes too! :) Love the London phone booth picture!

    Liesl :)

  7. I didn't know there was another Paulette's in the driving vicinity! Is that one closer?


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