26 November, 2011


How is this boy's existence fair to all the other babies in the world??! He's just the cutest thing I've ever ever seen. And I'm not being biased one teensy bit.

wolfie 1

wolfie 2

wolfie 3

wolfie 4

wolfie 5

wolfie 6

woflie 7

Wolfie's lots of fun to be obsessed with.

(all photos stolen from my brother and sister-in-law)


  1. Such great photos! Wolfie IS adorable, and such a happy little man!

  2. What an adorably smiley baby! Goodness, how cute!

  3. Awww little chubby baby legs! I love him! You sure have a sweet little family.

  4. oh my god this baby is too much.

    i am obsessed with wolfie!!!!!!

  5. oh my goodness. he is sooooo darn cute!!

  6. Oh man. Those thighs are KILLING me!

  7. Aw, he really is very very cute.


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