14 November, 2011

Saturday Night

tea for two

On Saturday night, we walked to Peet's for some tea, scones, and Yahtzee.
We're totally fine with being an old married couple already.


  1. oh my gosh, i'm totally with you -- being an "old" married couple is the best. :)

  2. Well aren't you two just the cutest :)

  3. Ah! I love this, but I haven't played Yahtzee in a very long time, and I LOVE scones. Happy Monday, dear. xo

  4. Here in Indy we have an Upland (beer) tasting room...my husband and I like to go and play Jenga while sipping our brew.

    It's all fun (and games) until the Jenga tower crashes and the whole room turns to stare at you...oops!

  5. I am half of an old married couple too then...and I have to say nothing beats it!

    Now I really want a cup of tea...

  6. Hey FF, if you ever want to be dominated in a game of Yahtzee just let me know. I will school you and Levi up to Ying Yang.

  7. Love it! Last night, my boyfriend and I sat up in bed reading by lamplight. And we woke up early enough to cook bacon and eggs before he went to work.
    "Old married couples" know how life should roll ;-)

  8. That sounds like the most perfect saturday night!


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