30 November, 2011

Levi's Birtheve Date Night

On Levi's birtheve (aka the night before his 31st birthday), we did a little celebrating at Red Table, a new restaurant in Huntington Beach. Levi and I were really excited when we heard that my friend Taylor's mom was opening a new restaurant nearby! Long Beach is in desperate need of new, good restaurants.

Red Table is awesome. It has a really eclectic style with both its food and its décor (btw, the women's restroom has a mirror that is oh so flattering... don't you LOVE those??).

(LOVED this chandelier cluster. By the way, the lighting was very romantic, so our pictures are a bit soft-focused and dark.)




All the staff was super friendly. Taylor was there when we walked in. She showed us to our table, made a few recommendations, and brought us some wine. Hospitable? Yes!


(my dinner game face)

We started with soup - tomato bisque for me and clam chowder for Levi.


I miss my soup. It was so delicious.

Then we had our main courses - pan roasted chicken for me and braised beef short ribs for Levi.


Now, I loved the chicken and the short ribs, but my very favorite part of our entrées was Levi's roasted carrots in that yummy sauce and the mashed potatoes... I'm such a side lover. If I could, I would order roasted carrots and mashed potatoes everywhere I go. I'm pretty sure Red Table had the best roasted carrots I've ever had. I want some right now, please.

After dinner, we moved on to our dessert courses... yes, that's right. I said courses, plural. There were too many good options on the menu, so we decided that we needed to try several - the Red Table cupcake (which literally comes out in a cup), the broken banana cream pie, and two chocolate truffles - espresso and chili.




We both agreed that our favorite was the chili truffle. Our server told us that they use a little bit of ghost chili pepper in the chili powder that tops the truffle. Have you heard of that stuff? It's craaaaaazy. Super duper hot. They only used a teensy bit on the truffle though, and it gave it just the right amount of slow burn. Chili and chocolate is such a delicious combination. If you're local, go try Red Table!!! And tell Taylor I say hello!

After dinner, we stopped by Peet's for some tea and took a walk.


(Levi's blogger pose)

It was a superb birtheve.



  1. Thanks so much for visiting! We hope to see you again soon.

  2. those desserts look amazing . . . i think a whole dinner of JUST dessert might be in order for me and the almost-mister on our honeymoon. you've inspired me!

  3. Well all of this is positively adorable!

    I LOVE the 'eat your vegatables' art at the resturant! and the soup and dessert in a cup is genius! Looks like you had a really lovely meal :)


  4. I have to say that I think your husband looks like david beckham. :)

  5. Nom Noms, we almost got the broke back banana thing but then we got scared. Next time it will be a must.

  6. What a fun date night/birthday celebration combo. I love chili and chocolate too, although I am now equal parts scared of and intrigued by ghost chilis.

  7. Your bloggers' poses are cracking me up!


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