05 August, 2013

Nine Months


Cecily turned nine months on Saturday, 20 July. She weighs 19 pounds 13 ounces (75th percentile) and is 29 1/2 inches tall (98.7th percentile). Her head is still in the 75th percentile.

At nine months, Cecily:

• is really into clicking her tongue.

• loves pickles.

• covers her eye, holds her ear, or scratches her head while nursing.

• asks me to read to her and loooooves it.

• is very, very loud.

• is a bit of a pill.

• has some pretty major separation anxiety (which I've read is super normal at nine months). She acts like I'm leaving her forever if I even walk in the opposite direction of her. Heaven forbid I try to get myself a glass of water or go to the bathroom. The bumbo is permanently in the bathroom now so that I can pee without having to put her on the bathroom floor.

• has two teeth trying to get through! One of them has popped through the surface. It's sharp!

• leans forward and to the side to get things she wants while sitting and props herself up and kinda scoots backwards while on her tummy. The backwards tummy scooting  is very frustrating to her though.

• is a really great eater. She likes almost everything! Except puffs. She thinks she's too good for puffs. Tosses them off her high chair like they're beneath her.

• STILL doesn't seem to have an eye color. Sometimes they're still sort of grey blue. Other times they look blue or blue with a little yellow-brown around her pupil. Or violet or just dark.

• loves taking her medicine so much that I sometimes give her water with a syringe if she's cranky.

• is ticklish on the inside of her wrists. Levi discovered this one while trying to clean her hands with a wipe.

• sat up from laying on her tummy ONCE with Levi. While I was in the other room. And wouldn't repeat it for me. Of course. Her first back to tummy roll was for him too! Little minx.

• might refer to me as "ah-baba." Not entirely sure.

• LOVES the intro to Doug.

• does her own version of clapping, which involves hitting her diaper or the floor. It's soooo cute!

New nicknames:

• sesame (this one's from Levi 'cause she's his seed - HAAA!)


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