04 June, 2013

Seven Months


Cecily turned seven months on Monday, 20 May. She is so interested in everything. She's very happy to sit and analyze things. She doesn't seem as interested in crawling as some other babies. I think it's because she finds things to explore in her immediate vicinity no matter where she is. Everything goes in her mouth.

This stage has been more difficult for me. She has become a very active sleeper so we are no longer swaddling her. And she has actually outgrown her mini-crib because she's tall and moves around in there SO much. She was always getting her head and face in the bars and waking herself up. I think she's a pretty light sleeper. We've given up on the mini-crib and can't afford a full-size crib right now, so she has been sleeping in bed with us.

Levi and I tried going on a date this month while my mom watched Silly... that didn't go so well. It was fine while she was asleep, but she freaked out when she woke up and I wasn't there so we (literally) ran home. She was a mess when we got there and took a long time to calm down.

At seven months, Cecily:

• scratches the sheets as she falls asleep.

• gets suuuuuuuper talkative when she's really tired (sounds like she's speaking Dutch). This girl is just like her momma in so many ways!

• does a really escape-mode face when she wants to get up or out of all types of places - her stroller, my arms, the car seat. I call it her chuffing face. She pulls her chin all the way in and her eyes get all squinty.

• thinks Gretel is fascinating and hilarious.

• has started sleeping with a lovey (Fleur). She holds her and scratches her face to fall asleep (ha!). I love when I see that she has switched sleeping positions but is still holding onto Fleur (the lovey thing didn't continue since she started sleeping with us this month).

• sleeps on her side but leaning forward with her leg pulled up to her stomach. Exactly like me. She also only wants to sleep on her right side facing me. Heart melt! She switched to the left side to face me when she started sleeping with us. :)

• blows raspberries like a crazy person. The face she makes while doing it cracks me up. It reminds me of her chuffing face (my odd name for her escape-mode face).

• tickles/scratches her head. It looks like she's thinking. Haha!

• does the best babbling I've ever heard.

• pokes me in the eye and pulls my hair constantly.

• gives really slobbery kisses.

• gets startled and scared when she hears loud noises sometimes. Levi usually laughs at her startled face. Sorry, Silly. You have a dad who laughs when you make sad and scared faces. ;)

• wiggles like a crazy person. It looks like a dolphin swim.

• is ALL girl. She seems naturally drawn to pink and girly things.

• loves when we put music on and sing. Her favorite to hear Momma sing right now is I'll Fly Away.

• sits in high chairs at restaurants.

• no longer has a blocked tear duct. Praise God!

New nicknames:

• Momma's girl
• my girl
• little love


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