15 February, 2010

thank God i have this blog...

...because my hard drive crashed yesterday.

and no, it was not backed up.

not. one. bit.

i'm heartbroken.

all my photos, videos, music, my internet bookmarks...everything's gone.

apple gave me a brand new hard drive for free (i have apple care) so that's not a problem. it's just sad that i lost so much.

at least i have this blog!! it definitely doesn't have all my bajillions of photos and videos on it, but it has some of them. and i have my iPod and levi's iTunes so that will give me some of my music back.

one day, i'm going to pay the big bucks to have my old hard drive recovered. all those memories are too precious. it will be worth it.

the good news is that i didn't absolutely freak out. i mean, i bawled my eyes out, but i didn't go all nutso even though my hard drive crashed about 15 minutes after my car wouldn't start and then after that, my phone broke. that's enough to make anyone lose their mind.

but guess what?

i didn't!

this girl is strong. and resilient. and very very brave.

i am slowly becoming the woman i've been deep down inside all along.

i'm pretty proud of myself.

p.s. please back up your hard drive right now! spend less than $100 on an external hard drive, and save all you have. you won't regret it.

p.p.s. i'm super unlucky, huh? i actually laughed when my phone broke. it's just too ridiculous. maybe there's something magnetic inside of me destroying all the technology i own? keep your technological devices away from me! an accident may occur!!


  1. my hard drive crashed last year and i bawled. in public. at the apple store genius bar. its heart wrenching losing all those things. luckily they keep kleenex behind at the genius bar.

    good for you for keeping it all together! :D

  2. I actually can relate, any and all devices seem to go wack around and others when I am near LOL, what happened to you sounds like my summer of 2006 and 2008. Also my computer crashed and phone, camera, died.. So true a lesson, now is all backed up monthly on my mac each month.

    Sorry that happened, but love your amazing attitude :) xo

  3. i didn't even know this could happen! how you can you prevent your hard drive from crashing?

  4. way to be strong! i'm proud of you too! i'm pulling for you. you can do it. loves

  5. ah man that absolutely sucks! i applaud you for handleing it so well! i think i would have been tearing my hair out!!

  6. So so sorry and good for you! Good for you for making it through all of that.

    Yes, get an external drive and use time machine, it is great. We also use a service called Carbonite, that backs everything up at a different secure location; that way if our computer ever got stolen, house burnt down, when we get a new computer they could restore everything for us.

  7. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Jasmine! You handled it very well - I would have gone nuts! If you need any help getting music and stuff, let me know... I have all the Regina you'll ever need :) xo

  8. Not exactly the same thing but my computer was stolen and I didn't have a back up of anything (nor a blog at the time). I was totally gutted and cried my eyes out in front of the officer writing up the report. Glad you're coping so well. *Hugs*

  9. Not exactly the same thing but my computer was stolen and I didn't have anything backed up (nor a blog at the time). I was totally gutted and cried my eyes out in front of the officer writing up the report. Glad you're coping so well. *Hugs*

  10. i'm sorry for all of the bad, but i am happy for you!

  11. *hug* you should see if you have any friends who are secretly nerdy... that's how I got my hard drive recovered! Days like that are hard to keep it together , proud of you!

  12. Oh God... I'm sorry! That must suck! It's timely actually... I literally did a massive backup the other day. Always worth the time spent. Hope you manage to recover some of it!

  13. ah! are we still meeting at your house today!? i'm so sorry!

  14. Theres some free programs you can use to try and recover the data. Something similar happened to me, I had a new external hard drive and old external hard drive plugged in. I was trying to format the new one and the old one got formatted instead and everything was deleted.

    if you have a PC, theres a lot of free programs for data recovery.
    search on http://download.cnet.com/
    I use a mac and theres not as many programs but i did find a FREE one. If you want, I can ask my bf which one we used but I recovered about 98% of my data.

  15. no way. I definitely should back my stuff up.

    that is the worst.

    good on you for the progress you're making ! :)

  16. Oh Jasmine, I am SO sorry. That is seriously the worst.

    But look at you go! You're so strong. I admire you. A LOT. Know that.


  17. the same thing happened to my computer a year and a half ago. It was october, and I hadn't backed ANYTHING up since the end of june. I lost the entire summer of photos, videos, and documents. I almost had a nervous breakdown.

  18. Ohman...this is as riduculous as my friend Sabrina's life...she had three flat tires in two days, has everything she owns break...etc.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  19. That sucks. I am sorry. Isn't it strange that bad electronic problems happen in threes? In December my MP3 player died, the 360 freaked out and our car battery had to be replaced. I was surprised our computer didn't crash, with finals and all. I am glad you are feeling better!

  20. I'm so sorry Jas! Keep your chin up, girl.

  21. Cute post. Sorry about your loss.

  22. You are strong! I would have flipped out if all that happened to me. I have had similar incidents and I flipped out every time. Hope you get your memories back soon.


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