20 February, 2010

coming up with ideas is the easy part.

new project in the works!!

i expect to have something to show for myself within one month.

hold me accountable, please! i need new things to keep me really busy while i'm going through all this stuff. and i need to work on following through with ideas.

....sometimes i have trouble with that.

i have no problem committing to people (i'm as loyal as they come), but committing to projects, jobs, majors, goals, or really anything else is a bit tough for me sometimes. not quite sure why. it's something that's come up in therapy once or twice.

so with this new little project/idea, i am determined to see it through...success or failure - doesn't matter. i just need to do it.

that's why i blogged about it! now i'll feel like an idiot if i don't follow through.

sorry to be so cryptic and not share what i'm talking about. i hate doing that...but i'm going to this time.

btw, i went to grab a picture to accompany this post only to remember that i don't have any. blahhhhh. stupid stupid jasmine for not backing up her hard drive. have you backed up your hard drives yet??!?!? please learn from my GIGANTIC mistake.

p.s. don't tell my doctor i was up this late and that i still have no intention of going to bed any time soon. this whole asleep before midnight thing is really cramping my style. also don't tell him that i had a child's size coke from mcdonald's the other day. it was calling out to me. i had to. before you know it, i'll break down and have a caffeinated cappuccino instead of the really watered down, not so good, decaffeinated ones i've been allowing myself once per week.


  1. I'm glad you can still drink them, I have been off Caffeine since august now and I decided I wanted a cherry coke the other day, my body is so not used to it, it made me sick.

  2. im so proud of you! (: you are doing really well...and having a new project will definitely help! (: can't wait to see what it is. xoxoxo

  3. Stick to your projects!! Have fun!! :)

  4. Totally holding you to this secret special project, lady!

    You sound good. I love that. :)

  5. I'm very proud of you, dear, and I'm so excited to hear about your new project!

    P.S. I drink a little caffeine every now and then even though both my therapist and my cardiologist banned it, so no worries :)

    Love you! xo

  6. you've committed to your blog! you can commit to this project! i'm excited for it.

    and when i cheat and have caffeine, i make sure to drink extra water that day. i usually follow it with a glass of water, in fact. you're doing great, jasmine!


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