05 September, 2013

Ten Months



Cecily turned ten months on Tuesday, 20 August. Stacey was in town so we got to spend the day with her and Frankie! We met up with them at the Abbot Kinney Intellegentsia and did a little browsing at Firefly Kids. The babies were all over the place at the coffee shop so we ended up meeting up again for dinner in the early evening after naps. We had a really great meal but a super bad dining experience at a restaurant in Manhattan Beach. It was actually laughable!

We got Silly a new, full-size crib this month! It was actually quite an adventure getting it because, apparently, Ikea is re-doing the only crib we wanted/could afford so there was only one left in all of Southern California! We tracked it down though and actually had fun driving to Covina in my brother's car to get it. Silly is adjusting pretty well to sleeping in her new crib but still joins us in bed at some point most nights.

Levi gets up with Cecily every morning (usually around 8:00) while I get some extra sleep all by myself. They usually make coffee and go on a walk and just enjoy some good, old-fashioned daddy-daughter time. I love that they have that time together! I also love the extra sleep. ;)

At ten months, Cecily:

• thinks my eyelashes are hilarious and fun to play with.

• is a sponge and is great at repeating things I do.

• tries to snap her fingers when she sees me snapping mine (she's actually been doing this for ages, but she's getting a little better at mimicking the movement now).

• gives lots of kisses... but not to Daddy. He's scratchy.

• is such an examiner! She loves exploring objects more than most things.

• claps for real now! She loves clapping, and we clap for everything!

• still doesn't crawl, but she's trying!

• is still a music lover. I don't see this ever changing. She'd prefer it if we ALWAYS had music playing.

• can put two hands on the side of the pool while we count to five at swimming lessons.

• is super talkative and cheerful in the mornings.

• notices all the little things. I think this is why she hasn't started crawling or pulling herself up to stand. She doesnt' need to get far to have things to explore.

• sits up on her own!

• sometimes sits up while sleeping in her crib and wakes herself up.

• tugs at her ear and hair while nursing.

• squealshriekscreams a "meow" in response to Gretel.

• HATES having her diaper changed. This is annoying since she used to love it. :\

• loves Yo Gabba Gabba.

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  1. Cecily has been ten months old for quite some time now :)


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