04 September, 2013

Piggie Piggie

piggie piggie
^^cecily and piggie piggie taking a nap^^

This week, I'm working on getting Cecily attached to a lovey,  specifically a tiny, soft, pink pig called Piggie Piggie. So far, we're doing really well! Cecily really likes her! Piggie Piggie only comes out for naps and bedtime. We talk to Piggie Piggie and give her kisses. Piggie Piggie always tells Cecily that she's very sleepy and asks if she can sleep next to her. I put her in Cecily's arms while I feed her. She really likes that! She periodically stops nursing to say hello to Piggie Piggie and give her a kiss. It's so sweet. At bedtime, I've been sleeping with Piggie Piggie to get her to smell like me before I start giving her to Cecily at nighttime. My hope in doing all of this is that Cecily will be comforted by her little pig when she stirs at night and soothe herself back into a deeper sleep. Plus, every child needs an inanimate best friend, be it blanket, stuffed animal, doll, toy car, or wooden spoon! I still have my ee-ee, a tattered green blanket that I slept with into my early twenties. I used to joke that I'd take that thing on my honeymoon with me (I did not). Here's hoping that Piggie Piggie turns out to be Silly's first best friend!


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