15 May, 2013


Cecily started saying "Momma" today... and then my heart exploded.

She's always been very verbal, but she has been out-of-control chatty for the last few days. Like she can't fall asleep because she's talking so much, and she's been babbling incessantly when she's exhausted. It sounds like she's speaking Dutch. So she'll be chatting away in Dutch, I'll be trying to stick her didi in her mouth, the didi just makes her babble even more, and then - bam! - she's asleep. Just like that. "Blah blah blah." Head turn. Passed out.

Nothing has really resembled a word yet until today. And I could just die of pride that the first word-like babble to come out of her mouth is "Momma." I had her in her highchair in the kitchen while I was in the living room grabbing something. She was really unhappy that I walked away and wanted me to come back, and then I heard it. "Momma." And then again tonight. She was hungry and wanting to nurse and "Momma."

So I don't know if we can count this as an actual word yet or just a new sounds she's making, but I love it.


  1. oh i would DEFINITELY consider it an actual word!!! so exciting, and the very very best :)

  2. It's official, first word! Mama wins!! ;)

  3. I think it sounds legit, you can count it as her first word! That's exciting!


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