14 December, 2012

this is today.

Photo on 2012-12-14 at 17.00

Photo on 2012-12-14 at 16.59 #2

a whole lotta baby holding going on around here today.
and one-handed typing.
and hanging out in my mom clothes (aka yoga pants and levi's sweatshirt).

cecily has pretty bad acid reflux. we just switched medictaions, so things are a little rough while we wait for the prilosec to really kick in. today, she won't sleep (or stop crying) unless i'm holding her.

it's exhausting, but i don't mind too much. it's sweet that she's so comforted by me and only wants to be in my arms.

and on a day like today, i'm really really grateful to have my baby safe at home in my arms. i'll hold her for as long as she wants. everything else can wait.


  1. These are such sweet photos. Motherhood looks wonderful on you. :)

    Sorry to hear that she has reflux. Seems like you are doing a great job to get you both through this stage!

  2. you hold that little princess and give her an extra cuddle for me.

    love you.

  3. Awww so cute! I love knowing that I hold the power to comfort my little Dex too :) has she started smiling back at you yet? It's my new favorite thing... That and the leg rolls that have just recently started growing!

    1. Being a mother is the sweetest thing, huh? :) She's been smiling back at us since about 2.5/3 weeks. I remember the first time I noticed that look in her eye where I knew I was getting a genuine smile. It made me cry every time for awhile. Suck a cool thing!

  4. sweetest photos. I love you both to the moon!

  5. I miss these days of close snuggles. Now I'm lucky if my 8 month old will fall asleep in my lap and let me cuddle him like I did when he was smaller. :p

  6. Oh that's so hard. My friend had a baby with bad acid reflux and they found out she was allergic to a protien in most formulas. Poor baby was crying and throwing up a lot. I hope your little one starts to feel better soon.


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