15 June, 2012

19 Weeks!

Oh yeah! I have a blog! This post is going to be a pregnancy update, so I can remember some of the things going on at the midpoint when I look back on this whole crazy experience!

I am 19 weeks pregnant... almost halfway there. Everyone keeps saying, "I can't believe you're already 19 weeks!" And I want to respond with, "Really?! I feel like I've been pregnant for six years!" It simultaneously goes by quickly and slowly.

The "Bump"

I still don't have much of a bump, but here's the progression of what I do have. 

14 weeks:

16 weeks:

16 weeks

18 weeks:

18 weeks

The 18-week shot might be a little deceptive... I had just eaten a bunch of french toast. ;)

So far, it seems like I'm carrying her really really REALLY low and close to my spine. I still weigh a few pounds less than when I started, so there's definitely some room to grow!


I'm going for walks much more regularly again! It's great. I really missed walking. When I got pregnant, Levi and I were taking an hour-long, fast-paced walk every night. I hope to get back up to that (and move beyond it) before I deliver, but I'm not pushing myself too hard. My main priority right now is to feel as good as possible.

I felt her for the first time around 15 weeks. It was really exciting! It felt like lots of tiny champagne bubbles popping, and it was very rhythmic. As soon as I realized it was baby, she, of course, stopped. I still feel the flutters from time to time, but I think I've gotten used to them, so I don't notice them as much anymore. I think she moves the most while I'm sleeping because I frequently have half-asleep dreams where I feel her shifting, then I wake up and feel her on one side of my belly. I also get lots of sharp pains low in my pelvis (where she likes to hang out), and I think that's her kicking and punching. I'm still waiting for a good solid kick!

We rented a fetal heart doppler a couple weeks ago, and that thing has been a lifesaver for me. It's only $20 a month (I got mine here and found a $5 off per month coupon code), and it gives me extreme peace of mind. I love hearing her super-fast little heartbeat. It sounds like a horse galloping.

Things I Really Like to Eat

soft pretzels
caramel rice cakes
coke slurpees
blue icees
strawberry chocolate chip pancakes
lemon pound cake from Starbucks
marshmallow/strawberry milkshakes
coconut shrimp
hardboiled eggs
french fries
grilled white corn on the cob

My cravings definitely lean toward the sweet side.


lower back pain (I swear she's dancing on my spine)
nose bleeds
crazy, severe itching attacks on my breasts, armpits, and neck
round ligament pains
terrible balance

Besides the itching, none of these things bother me too much. I was getting really intense headaches every day for awhile, but those have eased, and my dizziness isn't as bad lately either. This week has actually been really great! I've felt pretty good and had a decent amount of energy every day so far (except for my 40-hour itching episode... that was tough). I spent a lot of time walking outside on Wednesday with Levi and even baked cookies that night! That has been my best day of pregnancy so far, and I loved every second of it.

And that's about it! We have a doctor's appointment and our growth and anatomy scan on Monday morning where they'll measure her and confirm (again) that she is, in fact, a she. I'm really looking forward to seeing her tumbling around on the screen. I already think she's the cutest and have assessed her personality based on how she behaves in ultrasounds (she seems really confident and self-assured to me)... I might be reading into things a bit much. I just really really like that girl.


  1. ah! I'm so happy to be reading a pregnancy post. thanks for sharing!! c:

  2. Yay for Baby :) Also I want to try out the heartbeat monitor on my belly.

    1. Haha! It's really not that exciting on the non-pregnant... Levi already tried it. You can pick up your heartbeat though! Next time you're over, we'll test it out on you.

  3. Yay! I'm glad you are starting to feel better! I am 19 weeks Saturday :) I found out I'm having a boy, and so far I'm loving everything but the back pain. In our ultra sound we saw him moving around and we even saw the heart chambers :) very cool.

    1. Ahhh! That's so cool, Shelley!! Congratulations on your tiny boy! :)

  4. Oh there you are!! So, for second I thought your 14 week pic was your 19 weeks. I was dying! You are still SOOO tiny though. Tiny to start with helps though. I already feel huge. Bleh. :)

    And 9 more days until I know what this little person is. I can not wait!!

    Glad you're starting to feel better lady. If we live in the same area I'd say we should go grab a coke slurpee together. Let's do it in spirit eh?

    1. Yes, let's! And I can't wait to find out what you're having!!!! So exciting!

  5. LOVE your 18 weeks picture, you are just the cutest! Can't wait to send you a little package -- I'm in the process of collecting :)

    1. Eep! That's exciting!! Thank you, Stephanie. :)

  6. Baby bump posts are the best... I kind of miss my belly already (I have a 7 week old), although my belly was huge compared to yours, and most. :p Ha ha. Looking forward to reading your updates - babies are the best.


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