29 January, 2010

rage: the new way

today, i had my first huge challenge since i started my medication.

i had to deal with the horrific nightmare that is united airlines again...remember how they lost our bags over thanksgiving? and they promised to reimburse us $400 for things we had to buy and the inconvenience? yeah, they've decided that they don't need to honor that promise even though we already spent that money and sent them all of the original receipts as directed.

soooo obviously, when i received a letter instead of the check i was expecting (and really needing - that could pay for a month of counseling and psychiatrist appointments), i got pissed. i called them, and their customer service is maddening, so i got even more frustrated. bottom line - they're not budging.

buuuuuut i didn't throw anything! i didn't scream! i yelled at them and gave them a HUGE piece of my mind, but that's fairly normal, i think. i didn't hit or kick anything. and i've actually calmed down after less than an hour!

this is GIGANTIC for me. such a huge difference from a month ago.

i've still got a lot of work to do, and my medication still needs to be tweaked a little here and there, but i'm on my way.

sorry this has turned into a "how i'm coping with the problem in my brain" blog, but that's what i need it for right now. i can't wait til the day i'll be able to come here more often and write about other things.


  1. i'm glad to see you're feeling at least a litte better.
    stupid airlines, who do they think they are? it was their fault, so they should pay.
    if anything, i think you remained calmer than most in that situation :)

  2. Yay! I am glad that you are starting to see the benefits of counseling. I don't mind the updates about how you are doing because I like to hear how you are doing and progressing. For those of us who know what you are going through, we are walking along side you on that journey. Looking forward to the next "Yay!" moment.

  3. Just a reminder that you are loved. And that I'm proud of you and how well you're doing.

    Do you do yoga? I've been doing it for a few years now and it really helps. Yesterday I went to a free class at my school and it seriously made me feel so much better. I've been going through some serious shit the past three days and I can't describe the relieve that hour and a half was to me.

    I love you, dear :)

  4. Congratulations! That's HUGE progress, and so exciting!

    I still hope you get your check from United, though.

  5. Hey, problems or not, I would have screamed at them. That's ridiculous. They OWE you that money.

    Bah! Customer service...they should be more accurately titled "business preservationists."

    Or "jerks."

  6. so happy to see that you feel your own improvement. i would be extremely angry myself if they lost my stuff..

  7. i think this is a step in the right direction and a postive moment for you in moving forward. In order to get your voice heard a bit better concerning United, I would def tweet about it and go on those chat sites. Thats how my friend got verizon to give her a new phone bc people monitor those things, and they don't want to lose customer service...well who knows, airlines are just big pains of asses.

  8. Why and how are they going back on what they said?? That really sucks.
    And so happy for your progress.

  9. pretty sure it SHOULD be a blog about that right now - and I'd be dissappointed if it wasn't.

  10. Girl, you've got this in the BAG!

    Sorry. No luggage pun intended.

    Happy for you!

  11. thats awesome! im sure it feels amazing! and you could sue them for not following through. i come from a family of lawyers. way to go

  12. Have you ever heard of the "united breaks guitars?" Search it on youtube...there are ways to make them budge!

  13. we're all here for you, whatever you need to do.

  14. good to here from you!
    you will figure this all out...be gentle with yourself
    love and light

  15. that really sucks about the airlines, not cool! Congrats on being able to control the anger a little more than usual!

  16. i'm proud of you and happy to hear that you are growing through this. you are the most endearing soul and i hope you continue to post about this amazing healing you are doing for yourself...it is good for the spirit of connection between human beings!

  17. Jasmine! Good to hear from you.
    great progress too! SUCKS about not getting the money back though. I'd still be chucking a fit. big time

  18. I can't believe they aren't reimbursing you! that is DEFINITELY something worth getting LIVID about! Glad to hear you are doing well otherwise.

  19. I'm proud of you, Jasmine. This is hard stuff!

  20. Dear Jasmine,

    none of us mind if your blog is a "how I'm coping with the problem in my brain" blog. We're just happy you're doing well. Keep it up!


  21. i'm so glad that you are feeling better:) you can hear it in your writing voice, and it makes me very happy:)

  22. i'm so glad that you are feeling better:) you can hear it in your writing voice, and it makes me very happy:)

  23. If they made a promise then why is it not honorable now? Isn't a promise supposed to be forever. Oh man that would really make me mad. Good job for nothing going crazy on them. I'm glad your back blogging again.


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