10 February, 2009

I am your secretary.

I just saw the 2002 film Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, for the first time last night. Ohmigosh. SO GOOD!

The majority of the movie is just flat out quirky and over the top. I was kind of watching it, wondering where it was going and how on earth the sexual tension between Maggie's and James' characters would ever be resolved. I was totally amused and entertained, but I didn't see the point of the story until the last third. I didn't know how sweet it would turn out to be. I love that a movie about a dominant-submissive relationship could turn out to be such a great love story. I am so intrigued by looking at things from different perspectives. It's something I've been seeking out a little bit more and noticing more lately, whether it's in art, film, music, the news, whatever. I feel like it really stretches and enriches my brain. It gives me so much more empathy and understanding. I really believe that the more ways you're able to look at an experience, person, or situation, the closer to "truth" you are.

This was actually our first Netflix DVD. Ohhhh how I love Netflix! Levi and I are always looking for ways to entertain ourselves either for free or cheaply since we don't have any disposable income. Being poor can get really boring! It turns out that we're actually saving money by signing up for Netflix. We signed up for the unlimited rentals where you can take two DVDs out at a time. It's $13.99 a month, which is less money than we were spending at Blockbuster every month. And with Netflix, we get to see way more movies. AND the selection is sooooo much better.

See? It's always the little things that give the most pleasure. :)


  1. One of the BEST movies of all time. Insanely good.

  2. I only saw the movie once, but it was sooooooo good. I love the scene at the desk, where she waits and waits and waits. Powerful. Wow.

  3. hahaha! TOTALLY. it's so cute and sweet! i love how you can just feel the tension between them up until that point. it's so poignant.

  4. totally sexy! I was glad to see the guy from "Pretty In Pink." He's grown up nicely :)

    and maggie- who doesn't love maggie? can i look like her when I take off my clothes? please?

    def strange movie though :)


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