30 May, 2014

a layout: four months

This week I've been working on some month-at-a-glance pages for Cecily's babybook. During her first year, Levi took a picture (or two) of me and Cecily on her monthly "birthdays," and I made sure to record some notable things about Cecily each month. Things like milestones, interests, favorites, habits, etc.

My plan is to do 2-page spreads for each month. The left side will be a layout with the photos of me and Cecily and the number of months she is, and the right side will include all those notes I made throughout her first year.

Right now, I'm just working on the left sides of those layouts and leaving the harder parts for later. Reliving all those sweet memories from Cecily's first year is honestly kind of hard for me. I've loved every stage and I adore the sweet little Silly I have now, but I think I'll always miss all those moments from the beginning. Motherhood is so bittersweet!

Anyway, this is the page I finished during naptime today.

a 4 months 1

a 4 months

I love these photos and this paper so much that I kept the whole thing super simple. I probably would have been happy just sticking the photos down to the paper and calling it a day!


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