13 December, 2011

My Uniform


For the past few months (seriously), this has pretty much been my go-to outfit. The shirt varies, but everything else pretty much stays the same.

Boyfriend jeans? Check.
Clean shirt? Check.
Espadrilles? Check.
Sunglasses? Check.
Zebra purse? Check.
Toddler tails? Check.

And then, it's out the door I go.

Now that it's starting to get colder, I'm transitioning into wearing my tights-boots-skirt-coat-scarf uniform.

As much as I love clothes, I'm just kinda lazy at heart. ;)



  1. No one would even guess it was December where you are :)

  2. At least you look super cute in your comfortable outfit! =) I'm the same way...i love clothes and style...but I tend to wear the same comfortable clothes.

  3. @Celeste Haha! Seriously! I can't get away with wearing this at night though. I would FREEZE. Southern CA usually doesn't settle into real winter until after Christmas... and actually winter doesn't technically start 'til the 22nd, so I guess we're not thaaaat behind. :)

  4. Very cute and classic. Totally can't go wrong with that!

  5. I'm the same way I have a everyday outfit, when I'm not at work I tend to wear the same thing: black leggings, black biker boots, shirt varies & a jean jacket. lol lazy fashionistas.


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